Studio Collaborators

KAA is formed of a diverse range of architects, artist, and the team that keeps the wheels running as part of our accounts and management team. KAA shares resources with other architects when required as part of the London Group of Architects and Paradigm networks.

Kristofer Adelaide

Architectural Design Director & Founder

James Newton

Project Architect & artist

Angelene Clarke

Director of Bearded LadieS & KA-A Associate

Adekunle Awodele

Architectural Assistant

Nathaniel McMahon

Director of Technology & BIM Manager

Jo Gibbs

Office Manager

Christopher Darby


Want to work with us?

KAA has collaborated with some excellent people and studios in the last few years. We love to establish new collaborations. If you are a structural, mechanical, acoustic, cost or other consultant and would like to discuss how we could work together in the future, please reach out at: